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Development Strategy

In 2016, China Re Group formed the “One-Three-Five” Strategy, namely: “one core, three breakthroughs and five leaps”. The strategy guided China Re’s direction of reform and development and business operation.

One Core

-Adhering to the “reinsurance as the core business” unswervingly

-Performing the function as a national reinsurer

-Highlighting the core position of reinsurance in the Group’s development

-Consolidating its position as major channels for reinsurance in the domestic market

-Strengthening its influence in the global reinsurance industry

Three Breakthroughs

-Reinforcing the systems and mechanisms, products and services, innovations of business models Playing proactively a bigger role in the building of national governance systems and risk

-Playing proactively a bigger role in the building of national governance systems and risk

-Management systems

-Asset side and debt side

-Reinsurance and direct insurance

-Domestic and international

-Insurance and other businesses

-Accelerating the formation of several new business entities

-Realizing the expansion effect on the diversification of business platforms

-Extending talent to the market, frontline and the international arena

Five Leaps

-Leap in the consolidated premium income

-Leap in the scale of assets for investment

-Professional deployment in the domestic market and internationalization in the field of reinsurance

-Comprehensive deployment in the areas of insurance and finance

-Identification and analysis of insurance risks, product pricing, underwriting and claims, model tools, risks management, capital management, etc.

-Strategic management

-The Group is in charge of mapping out development strategies to guide specific implementations, meanwhile delegating power to the subsidiaries for flexible business operations







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