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The business scope of China Re Life covers various types of insurance including life insurance, health insurance and accident insurance. By providing treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance, the Company relocates and resolves risks through proportional or non-proportional reinsurance arrangements.

Comprehensive Solutions

Life Reinsurance Solutions

The Company undertakes the life reinsurance business, which is the core business of the Company. The Company relocates and resolves risks for our customers by providing contract cession and temporary cession with reinsurance arrangements such as risk premium, co-insurance/correction of co-insurance.

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Health Reinsurance Solutions

The Company vigorously develops the health reinsurance business, especially helping customers in new product development and providing technical support.

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Accident Reinsurance Solutions

With rich experience in underwriting, the Company provides reinsurance services of accidents for various life insurance companies and some health insurance companies. Whether it is an individual accident insurance product or a group accident insurance product, the Company can provide reinsurance arrangements covering various accident protection responsibilities with various means of reinsurance.

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Annuity Reinsurance Solutions

The Company is committed to developing annuity reinsurance business, providing customers with professional longevity risk relocating services, and undertaking longevity risks through non-proportional reinsurance.

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Business System

  • Customer Service Support (CSS) System for Life Insurance
    China Re Life, a subsidiary of China Re Group, has designed and developed a customer service support system (CSS) to improve the quality of customer service, strengthening the precise control of contract business underwriting and pricing and improving business processing efficiencies. The system has realized the collection of complete and meticulous information for all kinds of customers, made accurate customer portraits, and formulated personalized customer service strategies to match with them, in order to rationally utilize company resources and respond to customer needs efficiently, which has improved customer service levels greatly.
  • A New Generation of New Core Reinsurance (NCR) System
    We adopt the international leading SICS products for the NCR system of China Re Group. Combining with the self-developed NE extension system, we can realize the core business processes including customers, contracts, claim settlement, finance, settlement, distribution, transfer, statistical query and so on, supporting the input, storage and analysis of structured business information and establishing a complete workflow and permission management, in order to achieve an effective integration with various auxiliary systems. NCR is a successfully implemented major project, which is the first core reinsurance system in China to adopt the international leading SICS products. Through more than 100 product feature improvements, it effectively solves the differences between the SICS international products and the business with Chinese characteristics. As an international advanced reinsurance business system, SICS is successful localized in China for the first time. On one hand, it facilitates the integration of the core business system of China Re Group and the international advanced products. On the other hand, it consolidates the industry leadership of China Re in the domestic reinsurance business, which lays a solid foundation for the data standardization. On March 24, the 2017 Insurance Information Technology Summit was held in Beijing. NCR project group in the reinsurance section of China Re Group was awarded "2017 China Insurance Industry Information Technology Outstanding Project Award".
  • Rui Xun
    In order to fully implement the digital strategy of the Group and promote the development of technology empowering business, China Re Life has launched the insurance and reinsurance information app "Rui Xun", which is based on artificial intelligence technology. With the new technology application as the focused point, Rui Xun APP uses artificial intelligence technology to achieve rapid aggregation of external insurance and reinsurance information fragment as well as intelligent recommendation
  • Intelligent Underwriting Engine System of China Re Life
    The intelligent underwriting engine system of China Re Life ("Intelligent UW") is self-developed by the business innovation department of China Re Life and the information technology center of China Re Group, which is the first full-process intelligent underwriting system in Chinese, representing the risk management ideal of reinsurance. The Intelligent UW filled the industry gap in the PRC and acquired "Computer Software Copyright Certificate" officially issued by the National Copyright Administration.
  • A Brief Introduction of Underwriting Manual System
    China Re Life jointly developed such platform system, which is the leading domestic underwriting manual system with our own completely independent intellectual property rights. Such system is a comprehensive underwriting manual system including medical, financial, sports, occupation, laboratory and residential and tourist destinations sections, which has a classification and rating list for each section and provides financial underwriting guidelines and rating calculators.
  • Classification of Country Risks
    With the development of China's economy, and increase of China’s comprehensive national strength and international influence , more and more Chinese people travel all around the world for sightseeing, doing research, business, investment, study and working. People going abroad have a growing demand for insurance. In order to better identify and control the risk of the overseas business, China Re Life has developed the classification rules of country risks after years of research.

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