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Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. (“Huatai”), founded in 1993 as a state-holding sino-foreign joint venture and headquartered in Beijing, is the first nationwide professional insurance consulting and service company licensed by state insurance regulating authorities in China.

We have set up 22 branches and a nationwide network in order to provide better service to all our clients in China and support our professional service teams of head office locally.



of Service

Risk Identification, Assessment and Consulting
Insurance Program Design
Insurance Procurement
Insurance Policy Management
Claim Management
Disaster and Accident Prevention Management
Overall Risk Management
Reinsurance Arrangement

Brokerage Service

Huatai have gained rich experience for various insurance project services, such as property insurance, Iiability insurance, construction & erection insurance, marine insurance and life insurance.

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Surveyors & Adjusters Service

Huatai Surveyors & Adjusters Co. (Huatai Surveyors) is a holding subsidiary of Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. Appointed as the exclusive Lloyd's agent in mainland China since 1993

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Marine Service

Established in 1993,our marine service was one of the earliest overseas agency services in Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. Our clients include worldwide prestigious P&I Clubs,H&M insurers,shipping companies,etc.

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Overseas Travel Insurance Service

OTl provides claim services to insurance company and their insured in respect of travel insurance,health insurance,accident insurance and liability insurance,etc.; meanwhile,we also offer medical assistance services.

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Reinsurance Service

The reinsurance service of Huatai,as the first local reinsurance broker in China,started reinsurance broker business in 2001.

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Personal Insurance Service

Business description: Huatai personal life insurance service provides third party solution for insurance companies,self-insurance/mutual-insurance group and corporate clients.

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    Address: No.11 Jinrong Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
    Post Code: 100033
    IR Line:(8610)66576880

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