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Based on years of asset management experiences and professional risk management system, we have steadily promoted the development of active investment management and have formed various product lines of different asset classes which meets diversified investment demands of the entrusting parties. Moreover, we have issued multi-asset investment products which include numerous assets classes such as project-based financing programs, asset-backed securities, infrastructure investment programs, and real estate investment programs.

Investment Capacity

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Alternative Investment

Our alternative investment department follows the philosophy of “prudent and steady”, “stable and progressive” and “stable and refinement”. We have constructed portfolios in private equity and real estate such as direct equity, real estate industry, domestic and overseas private equity funds and real estate funds. Having diversified systematic risks, our risk-adjusted returns of the portfolio are improved which also lays a good foundation for improving long-term investment returns.

Third-Party Entrusted Business

Our third-party entrusted management business leverages on our internal superior resources and strong network with commercial banks, insurance companies, securities firms and so on. With different risk preferences, we could provide different customized asset management products to meet the investment demands of different investors.

Investment Research

The company has integrated both research and investment departments in order to focus on systematic research in macro, strategy, industry, entities and so on. Especially giventhe current macroeconomic background of economic restructuring and transformation, we focus on the judgment of economic development and dynamic industrial transformation to provide sufficient support for investment business.

Overseas Investment

Actively exploring good investment opportunities globally while diversifying market risks of our portfolios, our overseas investment team is looking to enhance the investment returns of our overseas portfolios.. We are also looking to gradually expand overseas third-party business and to extend our investment network to major capital markets including Hong Kong, US, and Europe.

Fixed Income Investment

While actively tracking macroeconomic developments and interest rate trends, our fixed-income investment department focuses on generating excess returns by active management. We apply qualitative and quantitative analysis in discovering potential investment opportunities across different bond types and maturities. The goal of our fixed-income investment is to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Equity Investment

With strengthening research capacity and deep analysis between price and value, our equity investment department is committed to constant search fro high-quality core assets and sustainable returns in long-term.

Portfolio Management

We insist on customized portfolio management model to achieve the balance between assets and liabilities in addition to the optimization between returns and risks. In order to obtain long-term sustainable returns, we have been continuously tracking and evaluating the investment value of different asset classes, and focusing on adjustment of diversified assets based on our macro-strategy research

Risk Management

  • Credit Risk Management
    Our company is committed to the establishment and improvement of internal credit rating system which could optimize credit risk management and provide comprehensive support for traditional fixed income investment and non-standard financial products. The key of the system is to conduct constant tracking and monitoring of our credit portoflios to actively manage credit risks.
  • Market Risk Management
    The company always adheres to prudent investment philosophy. On the one hand, we attach great importance to market risk prevention and actively adjust asset allocation according to market conditions and the characteristics of entrusted funds. With dynamic asset optimization and allocation, the impact of the market volatility is well mitigated. On the other hand, with the combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, we have been continuous updating our market risk management system and have established a scientific and effective portfolio risk indicator monitoring system which provides quantitative support for investment decisions.
  • Compliance Risk Management
    We have organized various types of compliance training and educational activities in order to enhance compliance risk awareness and to actively build the compliance culture. In addition, based on the principle of prior compliance review, all types of investment procedures are under compliance audits and assessments by compliance department. Strengthening the tracking and research of regulatory policies to ensure business compliance while also providing strong support for business development.
  • Risk Management System
    Our company follows the risk management philosophy of “full coverage, full procedure, and full participation”. With world-class COSO risk management framework, we have established a solid governance structure and scientific risk management organization structure. The company-level risk management commission is in charge of carrying out overall strategy and managing major risk. The risk management department together with related business lines conduct independent and continuous risk supervision. The investment departments and the trading department execute actual drawdown control. Hence, we have built a full process management system covering product establishment, product audit, product release, product process management, product termination and so on.

Operational Management

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