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Group Business

China Re Group has created a complementary and interactive business layout, which includes reinsurance and insurance businesses that operate in China and abroad, and balances underwriting and investment segments at the same time. Benefited from the huge development opportunities of China’s (re)insurance markets, the current business structure of China Re Group allows it to seize the growth and profit opportunities from various segments of the industry chain.

Property & Casualty Reinsurance

As the largest professional property & casualty reinsurer in China, we provide a wide range of reinsurance products and service, from traditional lines to innovative products, including but not limited to motor, commercial and household property, engineering, marine hull & cargo, liability, credit & guarantee, personal accident, health, agriculture, space & aviation, energy, nuclear, etc.

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Life Reinsurance

The business scope of China Re Life covers various types of insurance including life insurance, health insurance and accident insurance. By providing treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance, the Company relocates and resolves risks through proportional or non-proportional reinsurance arrangements.

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Primary Property & Casualty Insurance

China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd (CCIC) was set up in Shanghai on 15 October 2003. We are a national property & casualty (P&C) insurance company that is officially approved by the State Council and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC). We belong to China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation (stock code: 01508.HK) and we are the only subsidiary that specialize in non-life primary insurance. The registered capital is RMB15.115918986 billion.

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Asset Management

Based on years of asset management experiences and professional risk management system, we have steadily promoted the development of active investment management and have formed various product lines of different asset classes which meets diversified investment demands of the entrusting parties. Moreover, we have issued multi-asset investment products which include numerous assets classes such as project-based financing programs, asset-backed securities, infrastructure investment programs, and real estate investment programs.

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Insurance Agency

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. (“Huatai”), founded in 1993 as a state-holding sino-foreign joint venture and headquartered in Beijing, is the first nationwide professional insurance consulting and service company licensed by state insurance regulating authorities in China.

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