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China Re issues China’s first cat bond

2015-07-06 14:16:11

  On July 1, 2015, China Re successfully issued a catbond to cover domestic earthquake risks of China, and thusbecame the first Chinese company to issue a catastrophe bond on the international capital market.

  AsChina’s first step to link domestic insurance risks to the international capital market, the issuance of the cat bond marks a breakthrough for China’s insurance industry to move from theoretical research to practical operation, which exerts active meaning for China’s insurance industry and its financial market. For China Re, it is also a milestone in its implementation of internationalization strategy and development of innovation.

  The US$50 million bond was issued by China Re P&C, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Re, through Panda Re, a special purpose vehicle in Bermuda. Part of the earthquake insurance underwritten by China Re and its subsidiary was ceded to Panda Re, which then sought financing for the coverage on the bond market.

  Now China is speeding up efforts to establish its own national catastrophe insurance system. The CIRC is also pushing forward legislative proposals for a catastrophe insurance law. The successful issuance of China Re’s cat bondcreates conditions for future use of capital markets to build a multi-channels mechanism of cat risks sharing, and playsan active role in the building of China’s cat insurance system.

  Media at home and abroad widely cover the news of the issuance of China’s first cat bond. Xinhua News Agency, China’s official news press, issued a press release and many other financial media reported.


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