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Chairman Li meets with President of Insurance Association of China

2015-01-30 14:16:12

  On 23 January, Chairman Li Peiyu meets with Zhu Jinyuan, President of Insurance Association of China. Wang Pingsheng, Vice Chairman of China Re attends the meeting.

  President Zhu reviews the work and progress of the Insurance Association of China in 2014. He says that the association has made full advantage of its role as an industry association to play an active role in promoting the development of the insurance industry. In the new year, he says, the association will continue to better serve the development of insurance industry. He hopes that China Re will continue to support the work of the association.

  Chairman Li welcomes the visit of President Zhu and thanks the association for its service and support for China Re. Li says that the association serves as an important bridge and hopes that it will further play its unique role. Meanwhile, he hopes that the association will give more concern about the reinsurance industry and help to create a better policy and regulation condition for the healthy development of China’s reinsurance industry.



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