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China Re Syndicate going into full operation is awarded “Top 10 Chinese Insurance Events”

2015-01-22 14:16:12

  China Re Syndicate at the Lloyds goes into full operation in November, 2014. This event is awarded “Top 10 Chinese Insurance Events” recently. The award is jointly given by the Chinese Financial Times and China Insurance News.

  “Top 10 Chinese Insurance Events” award is an influential award in China’s insurance industry. This year the award is for the first time jointly given by two authoritative media.

  The selection team believes that on the course of Chinese enterprises going out, the approval from the Lloyds for China Re to run a stand-alone syndicate means that China Re can underwrite its own business at the Lloyds, the oldest insurance market with a history of 325 years. This will not only increase China Re’s own skills and capability but more importantly will upgrade its brand awareness and global influence. Furthermore, it is hoped that this event will be of historical significance for more Chinese insurers to go out.


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