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Henan governor Xie Fuzhan meets with Chairman Li

2014-05-14 14:16:12

  On April 15, Xie Fuzhan, Governor of Henan Province, meets with Chairman Li in Zhengzhou city.

  Xie welcomes Li’s visit and thanks him for giving concerns and support for Henan’s economic and social development. Xie briefly introduces the economic development of Henan, especially its financial and insurance industries. He says that finance is the core of modern economy. Henan attaches great importance to the development of financial industry by actively promoting financial reform so that the overall strength of Henan’s financial industry is increasingly strengthened. He hopes that China Re could play an active role in Henan’s economic construction by seeking cooperate opportunity and mode, especially in the projects of shanty town, security housing and infrastructure construction. Henan will further better its investment environment to provide high-quality service to support China Re’s business exploitation, so that Henan and China Re can reach mutual beneficial development.

  Li thanks Xie for meeting him and introduces the development of China Re. He says that Henan has a huge potential for development with a broad market prospect, which brings the insurance industry many opportunities. China Re will actively promote the implementation of its project in Henan and contributes to Henan’s development.


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