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China Reinsurance (Group) Corp. is successfully listed in Hong Kong

2015-10-26 13:16:50

  On the morning of October 26,2015, China Reinsurance (Group) Corp. ("China Re" or "the Company") held a listing ceremony at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. After the Gong Ceremony presided over by China Re's Chairman Li Peiyu, China Re (stock code: 1508.HK) was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and commenced trading.

  China Re issued5,769,890,000 H-shares (before green shoe) in the global offering. 90% of the offer shares were allocated to the international offering and the remaining to the Hong Kong offering. The Company priced the offer shares at HK$2.70 per share, raising a total of HK$15.579 billion. The Company entered into cornerstone investment agreements with 15 high-quality cornerstone investors in the global offering, which includes renowned domestic enterprises such as Great Wall Pan Asia International Investment, State Grid Yingda and CGN, leading primary insurers such as PICC and China Life which have close business cooperation with the Company, and well-known domestic and overseas investment institutions such as CDB International, Prudential and Value Partners Hong Kong.

  The Hong Kong offer shares were fully subscribed on October 13, the first day of China Re's Hong Kong public offering. Investors' interest continued to grow in the following days. As of October 16, the final day of subscription, the stock recorded margin orders of over HK$23.3 billion from a dozen brokers in Hong Kong, representing nearly 29 times oversubscription and freezing HK$73.9 billion, making the China Re IPO the fourth biggest deal in terms of frozen amountin the Hong Kong capital market this year to date. The international offering was also significantly oversubscribed. China Re plans to use the net proceeds to strengthen its capital base and support business growth.

  Chairman Li Peiyu said at the listing ceremony that, as the only local reinsurance group currently operating in China, China Re has played an active role in the development of the country’s insurance industry by leading and expanding its reinsurance market and promoting sound and rapid development of its primary insurance market. The successful listing of the Company in Hong Kong has opened up a broader horizon for its development in the future. China Re will strictly comply with the Listing Rules and provide long-term and competitive returns to its shareholders.

  Chairman Li Peiyu pointed out that the successful listing of China Re in Hong Kong and the oversubscription by international institutions and Hong Kong investors fully reflects the confidence and expectation of the public and investors in China Re's future development. The successful listing in Hong Kong is a key milestone in the Company's history of development. China Re will leverage the listing as a new starting point to further cultivate the domestic market and expand its international presence by adhering to the strategic direction of "market-oriented reforms, professional operation and internationalization". The Company will further strengthen its core reinsurance business, expand its primary insurance, asset management and other businesses and capitalize on its distinctive competitive advantages, aiming to become a world-class diversified reinsurance group with a leading domestic market position and superior risk management capabilities.

  The socio-economic development and demographic changes in China in recent years have resulted in greater demand for insurance. During the Twelfth Five-Year period, a number of state policies including the New Ten Guidelines issued by the State Council have been launched to fully affirm the importance and key role of insurance in the risk management system, the financial system and the social security system. Meanwhile, the development and transformation of the reinsurance industry in China will also be further driven by management system reforms of the insurance sector, market access and exit system reforms and the gradual implementation of the C-ROSS regime. As a leading player in the reinsurance sector, China Re will better exert its influence in the industry, actively promote product innovation and better assume the corporate responsibility of diversifying risksin the economy and contributing to the healthy development of the industry.

  The listing of China Re in Hong Kong has attracted wide attention and in-depth coverage of both domestic and international mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, China Securities Journal, Securities Times, ChinaDaily.com, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other domestic media; "Ta Kung Pao", "Wen Wei Po", "Hong Kong Economic Daily", "Hong Kong Economic Journal", "Sing Tao Daily" and other Hong Kong media, as well as Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and other international media.


  Mr.Li Peiyu,Chairman of China Re,strikes the gong symbolizing the start of the Company's H shares trading at SEHK


  China Re held the listing ceremony at SEHK


  China Re held the listing ceremony at SEHK


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