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China Re Wins 2016 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Investment Value

2016-11-28 10:06:08

  (Hong Kong, 23 Nov 2016) China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation (the “Group”, Stock Code: 1508), the leading reinsurer in China, is pleased to announce that it was awarded recently the 2016 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards: Best Investment Value Award for Listed Companies.

  The 6th China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards is co-organized by Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group with various organizations, including the Listed Companies Association of Beijing, the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association and the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong. Based on the official data provided by recognized securities organizations in Mainland China and Hong Kong, the evaluation of the Mainland and Hong Kong listed companies consists of industry nomination, data analysis, and review by professionals and the award committee. After a comprehensive review, awards will be given to selected companies, such as the Best Investment Value for Listed Companies, the Best Listed Companies, the Best Brand Image Award, and the Best Investor Relations Award.

  The Group’s winning of the Investment Value Award for Listed Companies demonstrates the industry’s recognition for the Group’s achievement in various areas, such as business development, Return on Equity, corporate governance, investment value and branding influence.

  The Group recently forged a development strategy for the period of the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan”, featuring one core of reinsurance business, three breakthroughs in renovation, collaboration and transformation, and five major achievements in scale, composition, technique, organization and culture. The Group’s mid-term objective is to develop into a diversified, reinsurance-focused reinsurance group, and it endeavors to build up a financial group featuring reinsurance business. It also seeks to provide long-term and competitive returns to its shareholders.


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