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Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement between China Re Group and the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

2017-02-28 13:37:46

  On 27 February, the Cooperation Symposium for the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Central Enterprises was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Li Jiheng (Party Secretary of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region), Bu Xiaolin (Deputy Party Secretary and President of the Autonomous Region), Zhang Jianmin (standing member and Executive Deputy Chairman of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region) attended the conference, and Yuan Linjiang (Party Secretary and Chairman of China Re Group) attended the conference and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the Company, accompanied by Zhang Renjiang (Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance), Li Wei (General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group and Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance), Tu Xiaolu (General Manager of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Continent Insurance) and Lei Geer (Deputy General Manager of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Continent Insurance).

  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region locates in the northern border of China, bordering eight provinces internally and Russia and Mongolia externally. It has abundance of resources, especially coal, non-ferrous metals, rare earth elements and wind power. With great potential for development, it is the major battlefield for the national strategy of going west and revitalizing the old industrial bases in northeastern China, and is the bridgehead for China’s opening up to the north, which plays an important strategic role in the national economic and social development and the stability and prosperity of the border.

  As the mainstay in the PRC’s reinsurance industry, China Re Group always bears in mind the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise by adhering to the core principle of “consolidating its leading position in the domestic market and strengthening its core competitiveness to promote the industry growth” and proactively implementing the national strategies, so as to remain steadfast to our national reinsurance commitments and pursue all-rounded economic and social development.

  China Re Group and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will work together to establish a stable and win-win strategic cooperation relationship in the long run, and reinforce the profound cooperation in the field of insurance/reinsurance and investment and fund raising by entering into agreements. Firstly, for reinsurance business, China Re Group will assist Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to establish a comprehensive multi-level risk protection system for government policies and people's living (such as agriculture, catastrophe, intrinsic quality defects of residential buildings) by leveraging on its professional strengths, to facilitate the stable economic and social development of Inner Mongolia. Secondly, for property insurance, China Continent Insurance will actively participate in the construction of municipal infrastructure in Inner Mongolia Region, supplementary medical insurance for urban and rural residents suffering from critical illness, policy-supported agricultural insurance, precise poor supporting insurance and other insurance projects. Thirdly, for investment and fund raising, both parties will actively explore opportunities within the sphere of regulatory policies, to diversify the investment in the transportation, energy, shanty town reformation, municipal construction, environmental protection, SOE mixed ownership reform and other projects in Inner Mongolia. In addition, both parties will reinforce the cooperation in the field of insurance intermediation and internet-related industry.

  The signing of strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is an important initiative for China Re Group to make solid progress in implementing the “One-Three-Five” strategy and actively facilitating the strategy of nurturing major clients. It is also a highlight of China Re Group after establishing strategic cooperation relationship with China Development Bank, China Merchants Group and China United Insurance.


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