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ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2016 ANNUAL RESULTS Gross Written Premiums Achieved Steady Growth and Key Segments Maintained Leading Positions

2017-03-31 17:21:32

  (Hong Kong, 31 March 2017) China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation (the “Group”, Stock Code: 1508.HK) announced its results for the year of 2016 (the “Reporting Period”) ended on 31 December. In 2016, the Group was committed to the promotion of transformation and upgrading of business structure and operation model and achieved a satisfactory underwriting performance with stable business growth.

  2016 the Group maintained a stable leading market position with solid operating performance mainly in the following five aspects:

  First, the Group has solid industry leading position. 2016, the gross written premiums increased by 7.8% to RMB 86,677 million as compared to the year of 2015. In the face of volatile external environment and internal restructuring, sustained leading market share in terms of premium ceded in domestic re-insurance market (including both P&C and life). The Group ranked No.6 in the primary P&C insurance market in the PRC with a market share of 3.45% in 2016, with YoY growth rate higher than industry average by 10.2 ppts, marking the highest growth among top 10 P&C insurers.

  Second, the Group has achieved positive outcome in reform and development. The Group solidly promote the transformation upgrade of business structures and operation models, the protection-type reinsurance achieved an year-on-year growth of 43.8%, from RMB3,642 million to RMB5,237 million. Further optimization in business quality with the lowest volume of regulatory complaints per one hundred million premium income among the top ten P&C insurance companies

  Third, the Group maintained sufficient solvency adequacy, China Re Group, Group Company and each reinsurance and insurance subsidiaries all had an adequate solvency ratio. Both the core and comprehensive solvency margins of China Re Group reached 258%, other reinsurance and insurance subsidiaries were above 200%.

  Fourth, the Groups has stable investment return and robust asset quality. In 2016, the Company prudently optimized and adjusted the allocation structure against market fluctuations, maintained healthy assets quality. The total investment yield was 5.48% and the net investment yield was 5.13%.

  Fifth, the Group always attaches great importance to the long-term stable return to shareholders. The Board proposed the distribution of final dividend for the year ended 31 December 2016 of RMB 0.048 yuan/share (tax inclusive), the dividend payout ratio reach 39.6% of net profit attributable to equity shareholders of the parent company.

  In 2016, China Reinsurance Group completed the compiling work of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and formulated the “One-Three-Five” group strategy with "One Core, Three Breakthroughs and Five Leapfrog Developments" as the main content, pointing out the specific direction of the Group's future development: The Group clarified the strategic position of "a comprehensive reinsurance group with reinsurance as core business", adhered to “China Re to be reinsurance-focused”, highlighted the core position of reinsurance in the Group’s development, consolidated the position of the main channel of national reinsurance, and enhanced its influence in global reinsurance industry. At the same time, the Group will strive to achieve breakthroughs in the three aspects of "innovation, coordination and fission", and the five leapfrog developments of “scale, layout, technology, organization and culture”.

  In the process of formulating and promoting the implementation of “One-Three-Five” strategy, China Reinsurance Group adhered to development under the lead of innovation and achieved major breakthroughs in various business segments: carried out in-depth cooperation with China Meteorological Administration and China Earthquake Administration to actively establish China Re Catastrophe Insurance Risk Research Center and China Earthquake Risk and Insurance Laboratory etc.; initiated and promoted the establishment of "Belt and Road Initiatives" insurance pool; took the lead to formulate the third mortality table and operating process guidelines of P&C reinsurance industry, further guiding industry development.

  In order to better support reform development and business operations, China Reinsurance Group strengthened its risk management in 2016 by carrying out the systematic construction of the Group's risk management system, further enhancing the risk appetite system, risk monitoring system and risk evaluation system, and further strengthening capabilities under C-ROSS, so as to accelerate the comprehensive upgrade of the Group’s risk control ability. At the same time, in order to further consolidate the foundation, China Reinsurance Group optimized strategic governance and authorization mechanisms, clarified the Group’s position of strategic governance, adhered to the principles of "control front-ends and back-ends and loosen intermediate process", simplified its internal organization structure, and further standardized authorization system and streamlined decision-making procedures, so that the Company’s construction of system and mechanism was further enhanced. On the basis of this, the Group valued personnel introduction and training and staff incentives. By talent evaluation based on market-oriented performance, special reward scheme for business innovation and key projects participation, special rewards were granted to 17 key projects of the Group in 2016. Carried out the large clients strategy and expanded the “friend circle” of China Reinsurance Group by establishing comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with China Merchant Group, China Development Bank, Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China Insurance Corp. etc., promoting the business development of insurance and reinsurance. Consistently promoted platform fission by launching the Singapore branch in 2016, making it an important business fulcrum in Asia-Pacific region, and launching the operation of China Re Capital Management Company after getting approval, effectively promoting the Company’s business layout.

  Looking forward to 2017, China's macroeconomic fundamentals will continue to maintain the favorable trend of steady and slow growth, and insurance industry will stay in its peak period. 2017 is the key year of "13th Five-Year Plan" implementation. Under the preconditions of risks under control and guaranteed efficiency, China Reinsurance Group will promote “One Three Five” strategy implementation, consistently expand business scale, strictly control risks, optimize mechanisms, improve capacity, guide the culture, enhance morale, and speed up development, so as to highlight “China Re to be reinsurance-focused”, accelerate comprehensive layout, actively cultivate new growth points, continue to expand the areas of serving economic development and ensuring livelihood, and create more values for customers and shareholders.





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