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Chairman Yuan Linjiang Interviewed on China Central Television: China Reinsurance Securing the Way for “Belt and Road”

2017-05-19 14:03:45

  On the evening of 16 May, “Economic News”, the financial channel of China Central Television, broadcasted the featured news of Chairman Yuan Linjiang attending Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and accepting interviews, with the title of “New Start and New Opportunities of Belt and Road”.

  The “Belt and Road” initiative is a great practice of the community of shared future for mankind. The community of shared future for mankind refers to the community of shared interests for mankind and the community of shared risks. With magnificent visions and huge image, the insurance industry is a special financial industry with mutually secured interests and shared risks, and the spirit of insurance greatly matches with the magnificent visions of the community of shared future for mankind. As the insurance for the insurance, reinsurance is the bridge and platform for interconnection between global insurances and it reflects the spirit of interconnection for “Belt and Road”. China Re will actively serve as a bridge to gather resources of the industry and provide more comprehensive risk protection for “Belt and Road” construction.

  With regard to the relevant issues on “measures and presence of China Reinsurance for serving Belt and Road” raised by a reporter of China Central Television, Chairman Yuan Linjiang pointed out that China reinsurance industry has to secure the way for “Belt and Road” and form a community of interests and a risk community with domestic and international insurance companies to group together for expansion abroad. Currently, China Re Group has signed memorandums of cooperation with leading insurance companies of over 20 countries and strives for a comprehensive coverage of countries along with “Belt and Road” during the year to form an international insurance and reinsurance service network.

  (Link of the interview video clip: https://v.qq.com/x/page/b0504t2291p.html)


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