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China Reinsurance Group and the Tibet Autonomous Region Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2017-06-29 09:38:18

  On June 13, Yuan Linjiang, Chairman of China Reinsurance Group and his party went to Lhasa, Tibet to participate in the activities of "SOEs helping enrich Tibet". The Group and the Tibet Autonomous Region Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, while the China RE P&C and Everest property insurance signed another one as well. The Group will actively exploit the professional advantages in the areas of catastrophe insurance, agricultural insurance, etc. and strive for contribution to disaster prevention and mitigation, agricultural development and common prosperity of all ethnic groups in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

  On the same day, Chairman Yuan and his entourage held talks with Jiang Jie, executive vice president of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The two sides communicated in depth about the Group helping the construction of the Tibet area. The two sides will jointly establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship with long-term stability and mutual benefit, co-operating closely on disaster insurance, agricultural insurance risk diversification mechanism, poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, environmental ecological protection and the development of special industries in Tibet and other aspects.

  Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the southwest border of China. The region is vast and spectacular, rich in natural resources, ethnic culture bright and colorful. It has a very important strategic place in the national economic and social development and the overall prosperity and stability of the border and also plays an important role as a bridge link in the nation’s "the Belt and Road" development strategy.

  As the main force of China's reinsurance industry, China Reinsurance Group always bears in mind the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, firmly fulfills the national reinsurance function and grasps the "the Belt and Road" and other national strategies and policy opportunities, and strive to further strengthen the functions of reinsurance in the areas of national strategy, economic restructuring, rescue and livelihood protection and so on, serving the economic and social development.


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