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China Re Group and the Government of Chongqing Municipal entered into the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

2017-06-25 08:52:23

  China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation entered into the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the People’s Government of Chongqing Municipal in Chongqing on 25 June. Meanwhile, the Chongqing Commerce Commission and China Continent Insurance Chongqing branch of China Re Group entered into a framework agreement in respect of a comprehensive protection plan for expatriate personnel to jointly serve the enterprises “going global” under the “Belt and Road Initiatives”. Mr. Liu Guiping, Vice Mayor of Chongqing, the responsible officials of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Finance Bureau, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Finance Office, the Insurance Regulatory Bureau and key personnel from other relevant departments, Mr. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman of the Group, and Mr. He Chunlei, the Executive Vice President, attended the signing ceremony.

  Mr. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, and his party held talks with Mr. Liu Guiping, the Vice Mayor and his party on the same day. The parties had in-depth communication regarding the construction of Chongqing, and jointly established a long-term and stable strategic cooperation partnership with mutual benefits. They started working closely in respect of establishing institutions, catastrophe insurance, policy-related forestry insurance, special family care insurance for family planning, comprehensive insurance for low-income group, comprehensive insurance for poverty group, long-term care insurance, and insurance funds supporting the development of featured industries of Chongqing. The signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between both parties will facilitate an in-depth and integrated development of the financial insurance and the economy and society of Chongqing, which is crucial to persistently implement the national strategy of “going west”.

  China Re Group provided a comprehensive protection plan for expatriate personnel under a package of crisis solutions, the “China insurance + China security”, for the enterprises “going global” and individuals, which was implemented smoothly during the CCISF and will be complementary and supportive to the “going global” of local enterprises in a practical and efficient way.

  China Re Group was originated from The People’s Insurance Company of China, which was established in October 1949. As a solid foundation and a technology leader of the insurance industry of China, it commands a leading position in the domestic reinsurance market and an important position in the domestic primary insurance market. It has been performing social responsibilities and earnestly carrying out the national reinsurance function. China Re Group supports the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiatives” with full strength, and constantly strengthens the functions of insurance and reinsurance in respect of serving national strategy, economic transformation, disaster relief and ensuring people’s well-being.

  Chongqing occupies an area of 82,400 square kilometers with a resident population of 30.17 million. As the two national strategic intersections of the “Belt and Road Initiatives” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Chongqing is the economic center of the upper stream of the Yangtze River, an important modern manufacturing base of the state, an integrated transport hub in Southwest China and the New Experimental Zone for Urban-rural Comprehensive Reform, with the competitive edges of location. It has infrastructure with full function capabilities, strong industrial base and great market potential.


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