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China Re Group co-organized the “2017 Forum on Overseas Engineering Public Security and Emergency in China”

2017-07-18 08:55:43

  On 18 July, the “2017 Forum on Overseas Engineering Public Security and Emergency in China” organized by the China International Contractors Association and co-organized by China Re Group was held in Beijing, and was attended by Mr. Fang Qiuchen, the president of the China International Contractors Association, Mr. Han Yong, the Commercial Counsellor of the Department of Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, Major General Zhu Chenghu, the director of the Research Centre of Security in Africa of the National Defence University of Science and Technology, and the representatives of over 100 domestic engineering enterprises. China Re Group participated in the forum together with the representatives of insurance industry. It delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “Supporting the Construction of Overseas Public Security System of China via National Security”, and participated in the dialogues and discussions.

  In the recent years, with the implementation of the national “Belt and Road Initiatives” pushing forward, the amount of the domestic enterprises and individuals “going global” is increasing and the demand for overseas security continues to rise, especially the demand for personal safety of expatriate personnel. However, the supply of overseas security still lags relatively behind, which has led to a security dilemma of “high risks, low security, heavy loss, weak relief” to a certain extent.

  In view of the aforesaid situation, China Re Group, as the only state-owned reinsurance group in China, pushes forward the five security companies that have leading positions in the area of overseas security in China to set up a “security community”, which has developed a comprehensive protection plan for expatriate personnel targeting the PRC enterprises, has materialized the cooperation between the domestic insurance industry and the domestic security industry, and has built a national brand of “national security”. Meanwhile, China Re Group always adheres to the values of “focusing on reinsurance as its core business”, and strives to turn the comprehensive protection plan for expatriate personnel under the “national security” into a saleable product for the insurance industry as a whole together with the companies representing the insurance industry. In addition, China Re Group proactively explores the security alliance and cooperation platform with the China International Contractors Association, enhancing the breadth and depth of the works of insurance industry serving the enterprises “going global”, and ensures the PRC enterprises to walk a long journey steadfastly overseas.


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