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Moving towards and maintaining true to the mission China Re Group convened the semi-annual work conference for 2017

2017-07-31 08:57:08

  On 31 July, the semi-annual work conference for 2017 of China Re Group was convened in Beijing. The conference persistently implemented the spirits of the national financial work conference, concluded the operational growth and results for the first half of the year, made in-depth analysis of the prevailing conditions arising from the development of the Group, and focused on deploying major tasks for the second half of the year, with the aim of accomplishing the full-year target.

  According to the speech given by Mr. Yuan Linjiang, Chairman of the Group, the “One-Three-Five” strategy of China Re Group fits the spirits of the financial work conference. The Group always puts emphasis on taking reinsurance as a core and adheres to the core status of reinsurance. As the main domestic reinsurance channel, we will fully support and serve the national strategy, center on supporting real economy, and promote the development in the fields of the Belt and Road Initiative, catastrophe insurance and agricultural insurance. We will also fully realize the long-term and stable risk management and protection function of reinsurance, give play to the innovative leading role of reinsurance in the insurance market, assist the transformation and upgrade of insurance industry, and actively promote and play an important role in the establishment of national risk management system.

  The conference concluded that China Re Group maintained a positive momentum of development in the first half of the year. Firstly, the overall operation was stable with good momentum and major tasks were progressed steadily. Secondly, the “One-Three-Five” strategy was promoted with full force, and made effective, innovative and synergistic progress with great breakthrough, and the fission was steadily pushed forward. Thirdly, our fundamental management was constantly improved, the risk level was generally under control, and a clean and sound corporate environment was created. Fourthly, the party building, supervision and poverty alleviation works achieved significant results.

  Based on the four aspects and 21 major tasks for the year, Mr. Yuan, the Chairman, proposed specific requirements for the major tasks of the Group in aspects of business development, system and structure, management capacities, party building and supervision for the second half of the year. He demanded that all the cadres and employees of the Group should strive to and focus on spending considerable efforts on the works for the second half of the year in order to achieve the full-year target.

  Mr. He Chunlei, the Executive Vice President, made an operational report of the Group for the first half of the year. He stated that the prevailing development of the insurance industry has shown a momentum of transformational growth. The national financial work conference has determined the keynote of shifting the focus of the industry back onto protection and supporting real economy. All business segments of the Group shall speed up the planning of layout and seize new development opportunities. During the second half of the year, the Group shall continue to persist in profitable development, market benchmarking and safeguarding the bottom line for compliance, as well as to accomplish the annual operational targets based on the “One-Three-Five” strategy, so as to poise for laying a solid foundation in 2018. On this note, the Group has formulated specific plans for the business operation of various subsidiaries and the major tasks of informatization, risk management and coordination management of the Group during the second half of the year.

  Mr. Zhang Hong, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Re Group, presided at the conference. Mr. Li Ming, the business director [WL1] of the Group, reported the operational result of the Group during the first half of 2017. Mr. Qin Yueguang, the deputy general manager of risk management department of the Group, reported the risk management situation of Group during the first half of the year. The conference was attended by the members of the Party Committee, the Board, the Board of Supervisors, the President’s Office and all the employees above senior deputy manager level of the Group, all the employees of the subsidiaries in Beijing above department level, all the employees of the headquarters of China Continent Insurance above department level, and members of the leadership of branches of various subsidiaries.

  [WL1]公司“战略总监”在文中的译法为“the chief strategy officer”,此处“业务总监”是否需要相应的译为“the chief business officer”,以保持统一性,请考虑酌定。


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