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China Re Group and CRCC entered into a strategic cooperation agreement

2017-09-25 09:18:26

  In the morning on 20 September, China Re Group and China Railway Construction Corporation Limited entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, pursuant to which, both parties will further deepen the cooperation and exchanges on topics such as insurance, reinsurance and integrated insurance services, asset management and products innovation, so as to serve the Belt and Road Initiative of the State and made greater contributions to the economic construction of the entities.

  Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman of China Re Group, and MENG Fengchao, the Chairman of CRCC, both attended the signing ceremony as witnesses. He Chunlei, the Executive Vice President of China Re Group, and Wang Xiuming, the Standing member of the party committee and the Chief Accountant of CRCC, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of CRCC and China Re Group on behalf of both parties. The subsidiaries of China Re Group and the subsidiaries of CRCC entered into the Framework Agreement of Comprehensive Protection Scheme for Expatriate Personnel of Chenghe Insurance Brokers and China Re P&C, the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Chenghe Insurance Brokers and China Continent Insurance and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of CRCC Financial Leasing and China Re AMC respectively.

  On that day, Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, conversed with MENG Fengchao, the Chairman. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, stated that the cooperation between China Re Group and CRCC has laid a solid foundation and a profound prospect for both parties to establish strategic cooperation partnership and push forward business cooperation and exchanges, which will take full benefit from the resources and channel advantages in the respective fields of both parties and will facilitate joint development.

  During the meeting, both parties discussed topics on supporting the Belt and Road Initiative of the State. China Re Group will actively provide comprehensive risk and protection solutions for the Belt and Road construction projects of CRCC, such as engineering insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and kidnap and ransom insurance. Both parties will actively explore the cooperation opportunities in the aspects of investment and fund raising businesses, as well as, initiate diversified collaboration by way of investment in stocks, bonds or a combination of stocks and bonds and other business models.

  China Railway Construction Corporation Limited is one of the most powerful and the most influential ultra-large integrated construction enterprises in China and in the world. It was established by CRCCG as the sole promoter on 5 November 2011 and is an ultra-large construction enterprise supervised by the SASAC. It was listed among the Fortune “Global 500 Companies” consecutively.


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