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The establishment of the China Reinsurance Catastrophe Research Center was listed among the Top Ten Events of Insurance Industry of China in 2017

2018-03-13 10:15:04

  Recently, “the enhanced catastrophe risk research providing technological support for disaster prevention and reduction” of China Re Group was listed among the “Top Ten Events of Insurance Industry of China in 2017” by China Insurance News and Financial Times, demonstrating China Re Group’s predominant position in serving the national well-being and supporting industrial development.

  On 22 June 2017, the China Reinsurance Catastrophe Research Center, the first professional platform for catastrophe research in the reinsurance industry of China, was established. It aims to support the national strategy, serve the government demand and achieve the core objectives of primary insurance companies; to consolidate industrial resources and build an open-ended catastrophe research platform for insurance industry of China; to export professional service and technology based on technology innovation; to facilitate the development of catastrophe insurance industry and enhance the catastrophe risk management level of the industry. On 11 December, China Re Group launched the CRP1.0 China Re Catastrophe Platform to provide catastrophe risk identification, risk map, disaster warning, disaster history playback, risk accumulation and control, online consultation and other services for the primary insurance companies.

  The finalists of the Top Ten Events of Insurance Industry of China of the Year were collected and recommended by China Insurance News and Financial Times, and were elected by insurance industry experts, academics and leaders of media units via votes on site. It is an authoritative, fair and influential event of insurance industry of China for the year.


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