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China Re Group visited the insurance market in the Czech Republic and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Ceska pojistovna

2018-03-13 10:26:20

  After attending the “AFCA Summit on Cutting-edge Financial Issues in Central & Eastern Europe”, Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, and his party visited the insurance market in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the largest insurer in the Czech Republic from 29 November to 2 December.

  In the morning on 1 December (local time), China Re Group and Ceska pojistovna entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, pursuant to which, the parties will provide insurance services to the Belt and Road projects and the Chinese enterprises for the sake of their overseas interests in Central & Eastern Europe. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman of China Re Group, and Karel Bláha, the person in charge of the corporate activities of Ceska pojistovna, attended the signing ceremony as witnesses. Li Wei, the General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group, and Libor Libich, a senior officer in charge of the businesses of Ceska pojistovna, entered into the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

  Prior to the signing ceremony, both parties had in-depth communication regarding the active development of mutually beneficial cooperation relationships. Both parties are of the unanimous view that the signing of agreement embarks on a new beginning for deepening the bilateral strategic cooperation, and that both parties will have bigger room of cooperation in respect of the Belt and Road construction, nuclear insurance and regular business areas.

  During the visit of the Czech market, Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, and his party also held talks with VIG, the insurance brokers of Marsh and Guy Carpenter, and other regional partners. They had in-depth communication in respect of deepening the bilateral cooperation and supporting the Belt and Road construction.

  In the afternoon on 1 December, Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, and his party visited Wang Jinsong, the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, and introduced the situation of China Re Group and the strategic measures of supporting the Belt and Road construction to him. They also had in-depth understanding of the investment of Chinese enterprises in the Czech Republic. Mr. Wang stated that he welcomes and fully supports the provision of insurance protection and financing services to the Czech projects of Chinese enterprises by China Re Group.


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