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China Re Group and Mongol Daatgal, Mongolia

2018-03-20 09:58:42

  On February 26th, China Re and Mongol Daatgal of Mongolia signed a memorandum of understanding on commercial cooperation, marking a new chapter in the cooperation between the two parties. Mongol Daatga Insurance Company is the largest property insurance company in Mongolia. In 2016, its premium income accounted for 21.78% of the Mongolian market share. After the agreement was signed, China Re has established partnerships with 26 overseas companies and could provide services to 118 countries around the world. The overseas network service platform continues to expand.

  Zhang Renjiang, General Manager of China Re P&C and deputy head of the Belt and Road leading team of the Group, met with Mr. Batzul Tumur-Ochir, CEO of Mongol Daatgal, Mongolia. The two sides conducted in-depth the discussions on the global reinsurance market situation, the application of new technologies, internationalization strategy of China Re and future cooperation opportunities between the two sides.

  Mr. Batzul stated that China Re Group was one of the most important partners of Mongol Daatgal, and introduced the basic situation, business philosophy of Mongol Daatgal and the future cooperation with China Re. Mr. Batzul stated that he hoped to form a strategic partnership with China Re Group and strengthen cooperation between the two parties in areas such as international business and human resources.

  General Manager Zhang Renjiang gave a warm welcome to Mr. Batzul and his delegation. He introduced the business situation of China Re and the development strategy of “innovation-driven, technology-driven and international-driven”. He indicated that both parties should deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation in areas such as in the Belt and Road business, exchanges of talents and technology and international market expansion.

  Those who attended the meeting included: Mr.Telmen Tunsag, Head of Life Insurance Project of Mongol Daatgal; Zuo Huiqiang, Deputy General Manager of China Re P&C; Li Wei, General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re; Chang Chun, General Manager of Business Department of China Re Life; Zhou Xiaoni, Senior Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Life; Li Rui, Senior Underwriter of Subsidiary Business Department of China Re P&C; Chu Miaomiao, Senior Deputy Manager of International Business Management Department of China Re Life; and Li Rui, Head of Underwriting Business Department of China Re P&C.


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