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China Re and CPIC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

2018-03-20 10:01:38

  On January 11, China Re Group and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CPIC") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. Yuan Linjiang, chairman of China Re and Kong Qingwei, chairman of CPIC attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. He Chunlei, the executive vice president of China Re, and He Qing, president of CPIC, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties. China Re P&C and China Re Life signed  strategic cooperation sub-agreements with CPIC Property Insurance Ltd. and CPIC Life Insurance Ltd seperately.

  Before the signing ceremony, Yuan Linjiang and his delegation held talks with Kong Qingwei and other officials and conducted in-depth communications on the projects that could be completed based on the strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides would cooperate closely in the life insurance protection businesses and government-led major innovative projects such as the development of IDI projects, reinsurance cooperation such as the Belt and Road projects, Major equipment (first set) insurance, military product insurance, agricultural insurance, and catastrophic insurance. The signing of this agreement would effectively integrate the resources of both parties and build a strategic cooperative partnership of risk share, mutual benefits, and sustainable development, and will better serve the national strategy and the development of the real economy.

  During the meeting, Kong Qingwei said that China Re and CPIC should have similar genetics, business connections, and the same goals. The two sides should take this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to promote cooperation and common development to a new level on the basis of negotiation and sharing.

  Yuan Linjiang spoke highly of the long-term friendship and cooperation with CPIC, and stated that China Re would continue to exert its advantages and fully support the transformation and development of CPIC.

  Those who attended the signing ceremony included Gu Yue, Chairman and General Manager of CPIC Property Insurance Ltd.; Xu Jinghui, Chairman of CPIC Life Insurance Ltd.; Sun Peijian, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of CPIC Allianz Health Insurance Company; Zhang Renjiang, General Manager of China Re P&C; Tian Mei, General Manager of China Re Life; Yu Limin, General Manager of Huatai Service; and Li Wei, Li Wei, General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re and Deputy General Manager of China Re Asset.


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