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Chairman Yuan Linjiang meets CSIC Chairman Hu Wenming

2018-06-12 08:48:36

  On May 29, Chairman Yuan Linjiang led a team to visit CSIC and met with Chairman Hu Wenming. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in the areas of finance, insurance, and asset management.

  Chairman Yuan Linjiang first expressed congratulations on the successful completion of the maiden flight test of China's first domestic aircraft carrier. He said that CSIC was the world's largest shipbuilding group, bearing the national mission of developing the country's grand equipment. It has excellent prospects for development. In recent years, CSIC has also made great achievements in the reform of mixed ownership and professional integration. China Re attaches great importance to the cooperation with CSIC, willing to use its own information advantages and management experience in the reinsurance market to help CSIC integrate into The Belt and Road construction, the deep development of civil-military integration. Hence a personalized insurance model would be created, providing high-quality, all-directional customization services, and promoting greater new development for both parties.

  President Hu Wenming introduced the development history and recent development of CSIC. He pointed out that in recent years CSSC has further promoted capital operation and asset securitization, and laid a solid foundation for building an innovative global leader in the marine industry with military-based, military-civilian integration, technological leadership, and integration of production and finance. CSIC develops in four industrial directions and ten military-civilian integrated industrial sectors. Its major economic indicators continuously grow and its quality of economic operations continuously improves; the endogenous power and vitality of development was effectively enhanced. The national in-depth implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of the military-civil integration development strategy have brought about good opportunities for the cooperation between CSIC and China Re. He hoped that both parties would deepen communication and work together to plan individual insurance and mixed ownership reforms. The cooperation in the field would create a new phase of mutual promotion and win-win situation.

  Chen Yong, vice chairman and general manager of China Continent Insurance, Yu Chunling, general manager of China Re Asset, Li Wei, general manager of the Group's strategic customer department, Jiang Renfeng, vice president of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and Liu Zhenguo, secretary of the board of directors, and officials of the relevant departments of both parties attended the meeting.


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