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China Re Joins MSCI China Index

2018-06-12 08:49:48

  Since June 1, 2018, China Re (HK.1508) has been officially selected as a constituent stock of the MSCI China Index. This is a fourth time that China Re has been selected as a constituent stock in a major index of international capital market, after being included in the Hang Seng Composite Large- and Medium-Sized Index, Hang Seng Hong Kong Stock Connect Series Index and FTSE China Series Index.

  The MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) index, compiled by Morgan Stanley International Capital Corporation (MSCI), has become a benchmark for investment in international capital markets and the most widely used benchmark index for global portfolio managers. The MSCI China Index is a flagship index anchored by international investors investing in China Concept stocks. It covers large-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks of Chinese companies listed both domestically and abroad, and included 226 A-share large-cap stocks for the first time in the most recent half-year review. Currently, more than US$14 billion of funds are directly tracking the MSCI China Index.

  China Re's inclusion in the MSCI China Index fully demonstrates the high recognition and positive evaluation of China Re investment value and stock representation in the international capital market. Joining in this mainstream index, China Re will attract more heavyweight international institutional investors, further promote the optimization of shareholders' structure, raise the stock activity and trading volume, and increase the visibility in the international capital market and influence at home and abroad.


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