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Wang Wenjin, Director and Executive Vice President of Vanke Group, and His Party Visited China Re Group

2018-08-08 16:44:57

  On August 7, Wang Wenjin, director and executive vice president of China Vanke Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Vanke Group”), and his party visited China Re Group, and the two sides carried out specific exchanges on further deepening cooperation the insurance, reinsurance, comprehensive insurance services, and investment and financing business.

  At the meeting, Chairman Yuan Linjiang fully affirmed the successful cooperation between China Re Group and Vanke Group in the field of investment and financing. He said that Vanke Group, as a "domestic urban and rural construction and life service provider", is a leading company in the real estate industry, the cooperation with China Re Group has a solid foundation and broad prospects.

  On one hand, China Re Group will take advantage of the network of China Continent Insurance across China to provide comprehensive risk protection services for Vanke Group and each of its comprising companies; on the other hand, with the help of reinsurance data and technological advantages, and through product research and development, we will build innovative cities with Vanke together to serve the people's better life. In addition, the two sides will further explore investment and financing business cooperation in the fields of commercial real estate, long-term rental apartments, and medical communities through asset securitization, real estate creditor plans, and real estate equity plans to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation.

  Wang Wenjin, vice president of Vanke Group, said that Vanke Group has currently developed four main business lines of “long-term rental apartments, warehousing logistics, industrial towns and commercial development” and “endangerment and education”, and two service business directions of “early care and education”. It is hoped that the two sides can establish a strategic partnership as soon as possible, conduct in-depth discussion on innovative insurance business cooperation such as potential quality defect insurance for construction projects, and jointly research on capital business cooperation through equity and creditor's rights, so as to develop, build and match long-term insurance funds for Vanke Group.

  Yu Chunling, general manager of China Re AMC, Li Wei, general manager of China Re Group Strategic Customer Department, Lin Mingsong, general manager of Vanke Group Capital Management Department, Zhang Wei, general manager of Vanke Group Yingda Investment Funds, Guo Wei, chief investment officer of AVIC International Vanke Company Limited, and Mr. Yan Ning, general manager of Vanke Group's Northern District Office and Industrial Park Business Unit, attended the meeting.


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