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China Re Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Qinghai Provincial People's Government

2018-06-27 16:57:44

  On June 27, China Re Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Qinghai Provincial Government in Xining. The participants of the signing ceremony included: Wang Liming, vice governor of Qinghai Province, and Yuan Linjiang, chairman of China Re Group, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. Guo Zhenxian, deputy secretary-general of Qinghai Provincial Government, presided over the signing ceremony. Wang Ping, director of the Provincial Finance Office, Lin Jianhua, president of Xining Branch of the People's Bank of China, Xie Lei, director of the Provincial Insurance Supervision Bureau, and heads of relevant ministries, i.e. the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the Provincial Agriculture and Animal Department, and Zhang Hong, chairman of Supervision Commission of China Re Group.

  Before the signing ceremony, the two sides held extensive exchanges. Vice Governor Wang Liming warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Yuan Linjiang and his party. He sincerely thanked China Re Group for its great contribution to the economic and social development of Qinghai Province over the years. He fully appreciated the efforts and effectiveness of China Re Group in poverty alleviation work in Xunhua County. He expected that China Re Group to play a role as the National Reinsurance Team, making more suggestions and contributions to disaster prevention and control, especially catastrophe insurance and agricultural insurance in Qinghai Province.

  Yuan Linjiang, chairman of the board of directors, said that the Qinghai Provincial Government and China Re Group had a profound friendship and cooperation foundation, and the comprehensive establishment of the strategic cooperation relationship could not be reached without the strong support of the Qinghai Provincial Government. China Re Group cherishes the deep connections with Qinghai accumulated in the poverty alleviation work for more than ten years. Next, China Re Group will work together with the relevant departments of the provincial government to take the opportunity of poverty alleviation work continually in line with the principle of mutual benefit and mutual complementary advantages from a strategic, long-term and global perspective. More extensive and in-depth cooperation will be carried out in the fields of catastrophe insurance system, agricultural insurance/reinsurance, major engineering projects, construction quality insurance, people's livelihood security as well as medical care and nursing for the aged. China Re Group will give full play to the advantages in policy, science and technology, data advantages and talent as a state-owned reinsurance companies and introduce the latest catastrophe risk management and control and agricultural risk management tools for Qinghai Province. In this way it will help enhance the comprehensive benefits and competitiveness of modern agriculture and animal husbandry, and provide all-round support to the rapid and stable economic and social development in Qinghai Province.

  The participants of the talks and signing ceremony included: Chen Yong, General Manager of China Continent Insurance, Tian Meipan, General Manager of China Re Life, Wang Zhongyao, General Manager Assistant of China Re Group, Li Wei, General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group, Feng Jian, General Manager of Information Technology Centre of China Re Group, Tian Bo, Deputy General Manager of Party-Masses Department of China Re Group, Zhang Zhanjun, General Manager of Sichuan Branch of China Land Insurance, Li Jisheng, deputy general manager of China earth insurance Qinghai branch.

  Located in the centre of Northwest China, Qinghai is rich in natural resources and has great potential for development. It is the most important ecological security barrier for the construction of "Beautiful China". It is an important fulcrum for China's economic and trade exchanges between China and the West and also an important support for the Silk Road Economic Belt. It holds a very important strategic position in the national economic and social development as well as the overall prosperity and stability of the border areas.


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