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China Re Group and PICC entered into a strategic cooperation agreement

2018-12-17 16:40:51

  In the morning on 14 December, China Re Group and the People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (“PICC”) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman of China Re Group, He Chunlei, the President of China Re Group, Miao Jianmin, the Chairman of PICC, and Bai Tao, the President of PICC, attended the signing ceremony. Ren Xiaobing, the Vice President of China Re Group, and Sheng Hetai, the Vice President of PICC, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

  Before the signing ceremony, Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, and his party conversed with Miao Jianmin, the Chairman, and his party. Yuan Linjiang, the Chairman, introduced the implementation of the “One-Three-Five” strategy of China Re Group and its business operation. He stated that China Re Group and PICC are of the same blood and has been maintaining a close cooperative relationship. He hoped that China Re Group and PICC will commence close cooperation in the fields of agricultural insurance, catastrophe insurance, the businesses of “Belt and Road Initiative”, the construction quality inherent defects insurance (IDI) and the innovation and R&D of products in the future, so as to share risks, interests, benefits and sustainability through a strategic cooperation partnership, and to better serve the national strategy and the development of real economy.

  Miao Jianmin, the Chairman, introduced the business operation of PICC and its great efforts in promoting the “3411” project. He hoped that both parties will take the opportunities brought by the signing of agreement to give full play to their competitive edges, enhance interaction and exchange in the areas of insurance, reinsurance and product innovation in adherence to the national strategy, innovate in cooperation modes, explore business scopes and achieve joint business development.

  The signing ceremony was chaired by Yu Huaiqiang, the General Manager of Business Management Department of PICC. Zhu Xiaoyun, the Board Secretary of China Re Group, Zhang Renjiang, the General Manager of China Re P&C, Tian Feng, the Deputy General Manager of China Re P&C, Qin Hongbo, the Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance, Li Wei, the General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group, Chen Dong, the Vice President of PICC P&C, Song Fuxing, the President of PICC Health, Li Tao, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of PICC Life, and Zhang Qing, the President of PICC Reinsurance attended the signing ceremony.


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