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China Re Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CSSC

2018-11-16 11:38:02

  On November 15, China Re Group and China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (“CSSC”) held a ceremony for signing a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The participants of the signing ceremony included: Yuan Linjiang, Chairman of China Re Group and Lei Fanpei, chairman of CSSC. He Chunlei, Vice-Chairman and President of China Re Group and Yang Jincheng, General Manager of CSSC signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.

  Before the signing ceremony, the two sides held talks. Chairman Yuan Linjiang fully affirmed the successful cooperation between China Re Group and CSSC in the insurance field. He said that as the national team, main channel and main force of China's reinsurance industry, China Re Group has a solid foundation and broad prospects and that the strong cooperation with CSSC, the leader of China's shipbuilding industry, will be conducive to giving full play to their respective advantages, which would form a win-win development and better serve the development strategy of the country. China Re Group is committed to the unique role of reinsurance, which not only provides strong underwriting capabilities for CSSC systems, but also strengthens in-depth cooperation in insurance product development, investment and financing. China Re Group system will provide comprehensive risk management services for the development of the “Go Out policy” and the “Belt and Road Initiative” of CSSC with our advantages of overseas network and the comprehensive overseas insurance products of “National Insurance for Chinese Nationals”, in accordance with the requirements of “improving the capability of finance in serving the real economy” by the central government.

  President He Chunlei said that China Re Group attaches great importance to the good cooperation with CSSC. To take this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity, China Re Group will give full play of its own advantages of abundant data in the insurance industry at home and abroad, the comprehensive insurance industry chain service advantage, the unique advantages of catastrophe insurance platform, and provide CSSC with further customized quality services in comprehensive risk management, professional team service, customized insurance products, co-construction of innovative science and technology and sharing resource platform, gathering resource to give full support to the major engineering projects of CSSC.

  Chairman Lei Fanpei expressed his gratitude to China Re Group for its long-term care and support for the reform, development, transformation and upgrading of CSSC. He pointed out that at present, in accordance with the overall national strategic plan and with the mission of “fulfilling the responsibilities of a central military enterprise and supporting the construction of a nation with strong maritime power”, CSSC is making great efforts to build a world-class innovative marine equipment group with global competitiveness by vigorously promoting high-quality development, insisting on innovation-driven and open cooperation. CSSC and China Re Group share a long history of good cooperation in reinsurance, direct insurance, investment and financing. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the future. At the meeting, Chairman Lei Fanpei put forward valuable suggestions on various aspects, such as how to further expand the scope and area of strategic cooperation of both sides, actively promote cooperation in investment and financing, closely serve the national initiative of the "Belt and Road", and expand the scope of international business cooperation. At the same time, Chairman Lei Fanpei expressed his gratitude once again to China Re Group for its strong support to the major special projects of CSSC and for helping both sides realize the in-depth integration of industry and finance.

  Yu Limin, Chairman of Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Limited, Qin Hongbo, Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance, Zuo Weiqiang, Deputy General Manager of China Re P&C, Yin Xiusheng, Deputy General Manager of China Re AMC, Li Wei, General Manager of the Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group and Cheng Kang, Director of the General Office, Ma Yunxiang, Director of the Planning and Development Division and Li Chaokun, Director of the Finance Department of CSSC also attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.


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