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China Re P&C, Huatai Insurance and Qingsongchou launched the first full industry chain and blockchain insurance product, which would drive the industry dual innovation from the aspects of science and insurance

2018-10-30 13:56:37

  On October 29, the launch ceremony of the first full industrial chain and blockchain insurance product themed "chain WE future" aka the 2018 product cooperation news conference was held in Beijing. He Chunlei, Vice Chairman and President of China Re, Zhao Minghao, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Huatai Insurance Group, Yang Yin, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Qingsongchou attended the news conference and witnessed the new opportunities for the insurance industry to explore the era of technological innovation. During the conference, Wang Zhongyao, General Manager of China Re P&C, Zhang Jiangtao, Deputy General Manager and CTO of Huatai Property Insurance and Yang Yin, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Qingsongchou jointly signed the blockchain technology cooperation agreement on behalf of their respective companies. It was announced that the three parties have achieved a cooperative relation for in-depth products and the first full industrial chain and blockchain insurance product was officially launched to the general public. It serves to the business model of “innovation of science and technology plus health care” and provide an intelligent, transparent, safe health care system for the life of people.

  In recent years, the insurance market has been experiencing a steady development and the insurance technology has been widely used. In 2017, the original premium scale of the insurance industry of PRC has reached RMB3.66 trillion, ranking second in the world. There is increasing investment in insurance technology and cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence have been widely used in product innovation, insurance marketing and other aspects. Internet insurance innovation business maintained a rapid growth, and the domestic Internet insurance market reached RMB183.5 billion.

  In order to follow the development trend of the industry and meet the people's growing rigid demand for health care, the three parties, China Re P&C, Huatai Property Insurance and Qingsongchou, officially launched the first blockchain-based full industry chain insurance product, which is Hongfu E Life premium medical insurance. This product is a beneficial attempt to build a new insurance ecology and a new reinsurance model and it achieves a leading effect in the world. The research and development of this product is the embodiment of abilities of developing short-term health insurance business, exploring and innovating diversified insurance products and experience in Internet insurance operation over the years. The research and development of this product is also closely related to the mature blockchain technology.

  Hongfu E Life premium medical insurance is the first health insurance product to apply the blockchain bottom technology to the insurance industry chain. With the trust attribute and non-tamperable characteristics of blockchain technology, it aims to connect in real time the front-end channels to the mid-end underwriting and claims then to the back-end reinsurance, giving the Internet insurance a high efficiency, high transparency and other potential. In terms of product characteristics, compared to the usual million-yuan medical insurance, Hongfu E Life premium medical insurance reduces the holder's tail risk and extends the tail protection period up to 3 years, guaranteeing that each policyholder has sufficient financial guarantee to deal with risks of major disease. As a medical insurance product of low-premium and high-return, million-yuan medical insurance products have been favored by the policyholders in recent years, and the number of insured persons has increased rapidly. However, many people still have doubts in the discontinuing risks of such cost-effective health insurance products. In order to better protect the rights and interests of the insured, Huatai Insurance, together with China Re P&C and Qingsongchou jointly developed Hongfu E Life premium medical insurance product, which was innovated targeting at the discontinuing risks of such products. If the product is discontinued, for the major disease that the insured has suffered during the insurance period, the insurance company will continue to provide compensation for the medical expenses within three years from the date of diagnosis of the major illness, thereby ensuring that the insured who has suffered a major illness could obtain effective treatment.

  The three sides hope that through the launch of this new product, sharing information will be provided among the insurance industry from the channel platforms to insurance companies and to reinsurance companies, which would enhance the business processing efficiency and provide new ideas for strengthening risk management and control. The timely transmission of data between various process joints has greatly promoted the adjustment of annual premium rates and improved risk management capabilities for insurance companies and reinsurance companies. In the long run, the launch of Hongfu E Life premium medical insurance product not only helps holders to obtain higher security rights, but also applies the whole industry chain blockchain technology to improve operating efficiency for direct insurance companies and reinsurance companies and reduce the cost of insurance products.

  China Re P&C has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “marketization, specialization and internationalization” and has always been committed to providing customers with sufficient underwriting capacity and professional reinsurance services. The company actively integrates into the national strategic pattern of accelerating the development of modern insurance service industry, insists on serving the national strategy and industry development as its mission, and actively promotes the strategic orientation of “data + technology + service” and the business transformation of “reinsurance and direct insurance”. In recent years, China Re P&C successfully established the first financial technology company in China to focus on catastrophe risk management, and issued the first catastrophe bond of which the security objects are earthquake risks in China in overseas markets, and released the first earthquake catastrophe model with independent intellectual property rights in China, as well as the first group of risk curve of property insurance, water insurance and wind insurance. It also actively promotes a series of emerging products such as “National Insurance for Chinese Nationals”, Internet security, environmental pollution and Inherent Defect Insurance (IDI) and continue to enhance industry value and provide more high-quality risk solutions. China Re P&C will continue to exert its strength in technological innovation, product service innovation and business model innovation, contributing wisdom and strength to the development of the industry, and providing smarter insurance solutions for people's better life.


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