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Chairman Yuan Linjiang met with Augusto Arosemena, Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Panama

2018-08-23 14:09:08

  On the afternoon of August 21, Yuan Linjiang, Chairman of China Re Group met with Augusto Arosemena, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Panama and his party who paid a visit here. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation in the insurance and investment sectors between China and Panama.

  During the talks, Chairman Yuan Linjiang first introduced the history and development of China Re Group. He expressed his appreciation to the Panamanian government for actively promoting the bilateral cooperation between China and Panama since their establishment of diplomatic relations with China, especially in responding to the Chinese initiative of “Belt and Road”. He said that China Re Group has actively played the role of “national team” of reinsurance and is committed to better serving the construction of the national initiative of “Belt and Road” and protecting and escorting the “Go Out” for Chinese funded companies through launching an insurance community for “Belt and Road”, building an overseas service network, creating innovative overseas safety insurance products such as “National Insurance for Chinese Nationals” and other measures. Chairman Yuan Linjiang believed that Panama responded to initiative of “Belt and Road” and opened up new opportunities for cooperation between China and Panama. China Re Group has a great potential for cooperation with Panamanian companies and are willing to conduct in-depth discussions with Panama and related Chinese-funded companies to build a sustainable cooperation model which would provide insurance, reinsurance and other risk protection for Chinese-funded enterprises and investment projects in Central America and even South America.

  Minister Arosemena said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Panama and China in June last year, bilateral relations have developed rapidly, especially that the economic and trade relations between the two countries have been actively advanced. Panama President Varela has successfully paid an official visit to China. During the visit, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and President Varela, representatives of the two governments signed a memorandum of understanding on jointly promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”. The two countries are currently negotiating on signing a free trade agreement. The Panamanian side understands that many Chinese-funded enterprises investing in Pakistan have greater needs for insurance, and therefore hope to establish contacts with China Re Group to deepen cooperation in risk protection and the related financing in large-scale projects such as infrastructure construction, port shipping and energy. The Panamanian side welcomes China Re Group to visit Panama and visit the local market to further explore cooperation in insurance and investment with the Panamanian companies.

  Bernard Jean [please advise the name巴尔达言], advisor for Minister of Industry and Commerce of Panama, Zhang Renjiang, general manager of China Re P&C, Yu Chunling, general manager of China Re AMC, Dong Keshi, deputy general manager of group strategic customer department attended such talks.


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