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China Re Group and CEA Holding entered into strategic cooperation agreement

2019-02-19 08:48:23

  On 18 February, China Re and China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “CEA Holding”) entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. Yuan Linjiang, Chairman of China Re Group, and Liu Shaoyong, Chairman of CEA Holding, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Zhao Wei, Vice President of China Re Group, and Tang Bing, Deputy General Manager of CEA Holding, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

  Before the signing ceremony, representatives of the two parties had a friendly talk with focus on the cooperation opportunities and implementation of projects in insurance, reinsurance, investment and financing, insurance service and innovative business. Both sides agreed on deepening the cooperation in traditional insurance, online platform, investment and financing projects and actively exploring innovative business with their respective data and platform advantages.

  During the conversation, the two parties agreed that based on their cooperation with CEA Holding acting as a strategic investor of China Continent Insurance under China Re Group, the execution of such agreement signified the commencement of comprehensive and multilevel cooperation between them, which will effectively integrate their resources and establish a strategic cooperation partnership for risk sharing, mutual benefit and sustainable development, thereby providing greater support to national strategies and real economy development.

  Zhu Xiaoyun (Board Secretary of China Re Group), Zhang Renjiang (General Manager of China Re P&C), Tian Meipan (General Manager of China Re Life), Yu Limin (Chairman of Huatai Insurance Agency), Jia Derong (Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance), Qin Hongbo (Strategic Director of China Re Group and Deputy General Manager of China Continent Insurance), Li Wei (General Manager of Strategic Customer Department of China Re Group and Deputy General Manager of China Re AMC), Cheng Wenqing (Business Director of China Continent Insurance), Xi Sheng (Deputy General Manager of CEA Holding), Feng Dehua (Deputy General Manager of CEA Holding) and Wang Jian (Board Secretary of CEA and Chairman of Eastern Airlines Industry Investment) participated in the talk and attended the signing ceremony.



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