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Career Development

Broad Development Platform Leading Field of Expertise Smooth Development Paths

Global Career Platforms, International Career Paths

Domestic Platforms

First-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing have more than 2,000 business organizations, covering all provinces in the country.

Overseas Platforms

Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom (London), the United States (New York)

Multiple Business Areas
Providing Multiple Career Choices

Giving Full Play to Professional Talents

The company pays attention to the training and reserve of young talents, builds a special platform for young talents, and hires young cadres for multi-channel and multi-faceted training.

The dual channels of career development provide young cadres with two choices of management sequence and business sequence, so as to realize the goal of "letting professional people do professional work".

Excellent International Reputation
A Promising Career Paltform

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Leading Technologies

An Advanced Career Starting Point
In 2013, China Real Estate Insurance developed the first property risk curve in China
In 2015, China Real Life Insurance launched the first online edition of the Guidelines for the Review of Liability for Malignant Tumors
In 2016, China Relife Insurance took the lead in completing the third set of life tables of China's insurance industry.
In 2017, China Real Estate Insurance developed the first water insurance risk curve in China.
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First-Class Products

A Cutting-Edge Position to Foster Your Professional Competence
In 2005, China Dadi Insurance launched the first domestic health insurance product in line with international standards - Dadi Global Medical Insurance
In 2012, the world's first million-dollar self-driving insurance for the development and design of China Re-life Insurance came into being.
In 2017, China Re-Asset Issuance "China Flying Rent, US Dollar Asset Securitization Project" opened up a new mode of domestic US Dollar investment in insurance capital.
Development of Innovative Index Products in China Real Estate Insurance
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Dual Paths for Career Development

Management Sequence

Professional and Functional Sequence

Company Leader
General Manager (Minister, Director)
Deputy General Manager (Deputy Director, Deputy Director)
Assistant to the General Manager (Assistant Assistant, Assistant Director)
Senior Manager
Senior Deputy Manager
Assistant Manager

Company Leadership
Senior Manager (senior actuary, senior engineer) I, II, III
Senior Manager (Senior Actuary, Senior Engineer)
Senior Deputy Manager (Accounter, Engineer)
Assistant Manager (Assistant Actuary, Assistant Engineer)

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